Feb 18, 2013 - Urine Trouble

Urine Trouble (but we can get you out of it!)...A urinary tract infection (UTI) is a very common bacterial infection of the lower urinary system. It affects women more frequently than men, mainly because of anatomical differences and is often suspected with symptoms such as burning with urination and urinating more frequently. If you feel slight burning when you urinate and your urine is dark yellow, first try hydrating with lots of fluids for a few hours to see if it improves since mild dehydration can cause the same symptoms. If it doesn't resolve completely, then make an appointment to see me so I can check your urine and give you an antibiotic to treat it before it progresses. If you have been sexually active, also consider the possibility of a sexually transmitted disease, which can mimic the same symptoms. A simple urine test can identify the bacteria and you can be easily treated either way.

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