March 4, 2013 - Drop The Diet

Drop The Diet...If you are looking to lose weight then get away from the mindset of dieting and trying to change everything about your eating habits all at once. Instead focus your energy on changing your eating habits in small but consistent ways to move closer to a healthier lifestyle. Consider those who drink one can of regular soda every day. Well that is 140 calories x 365 days, which is 51,100 calories a year! If you estimate a 3500 calorie deficit needed to lose one pound, then you could drop over 14 pounds in a year by switching that soda to a glass of water or other non-caloric beverage. Look for a few of the highest calorie food items that you frequently consume and try to cut them out. As you can see, even 100 calories a day less is a 36,500 calorie difference in a year!

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