March 18, 2013 - A Dream In A Bottle

A Dream In A Bottle...We are constantly bombarded by new and transiently exciting supplements, vitamins, herbs, etc. that hit the market every few months. There is always some study quoted that suggests how great a product is before the other more detailed studies confirm that it really isn't. Of course this is only after millions of bottles of it have already been sold. My suggestion is to reduce and not increase. Want better cholesterol? Eat a lower cholesterol diet instead of eating high fat foods and then looking for a secret pill to cure the affliction. We control far more of our health outcomes than industry would have us believe. That is a less sexy concept that is not presented frequently enough because it doesn't have a dollar sign attached to it. So think about what you are doing to improve something yourself before you buy a pill that claims to do it for you. You will likely save a lot of money and live a healthier life.

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