To my patients,

As many of you already know, my last day with Holy Cross Hospital was February 19, 2019. I wanted to complete my last few months in the same manner that I practiced during my prior eleven years there, which is by staying focused on patient care. I have been fortunate to have maintained a busy practice there despite some barriers that were outside of my control and I am very thankful to my patients for that. While currently taking a few weeks off for a much needed vacation, I am also working on determining my next position. I can assure you though, that I will remain in the area and continue to practice medicine for many more years. I will update this website and I am also working on having an email list here you will be able to add your name to if anyone wishes to receive the information in that manner.

I hope that I was able to help make some improvements and offer some stability and continuity in your healthcare during our time working together, and that you will continue your own efforts to live a healthy life and stay engaged in that process. It is a battle worth fighting, whether that is with me by your side or any future physicians.

I thank you again for the opportunity to know you, for the very kind (and unexpected) letters of support, and for the trust placed in me. I never took that for granted and I never will. Stay healthy and happy!

David Zekser MD

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