12 Week / 3 Stage Program

I currently conduct a successful weight loss program that is designed for those looking to lose two to five pounds a week for the first month with similar loss for the second and third months. Patients who have completed this program so far have lost between 15 and 40 pounds!

This is a totally new system based on a healthy approach to weight loss that makes it easy to follow. You will receive the guidance, support and structure needed to succeed which will include delicious shakes, pudding, nutritional supplements, and weekly one on one follow up with weigh in and updates to ensure that the program is working for you. I have created this three month step approach to allow you to lose weight while showing you how to keep it off permanently!

Good intentions and excuses won't help you lose weight but this healthy approach to weight loss definitely will. Consider investing in your body and well being the same way you might invest in your house or car.

The program is broken down into 4 week blocks entitled Stages I, II, and III.

Stage I (click here for more info)

  • An initial private visit with Dr. Zekser to explain the program when supplies and diet will be given
  • Protein Shakes and Pudding in different flavors
  • Supplements to further enhance sense of well being and aid in digestion
  • Weekly B12 shot for added energy
  • Mandatory weekly visits with Dr. Zekser to check weight and body composition
  • Easy to read progress update given each week
  • Diet designed for weight loss without the hunger or cravings
  • Total Cost including all of the above: $600 - So $150/ week will include shakes and pudding, supplements, weekly B12 shot, weekly private follow up with progress review, strict dietary guidance, and expected weight loss of 2-4 lbs/week

Stage II and III (click here for more info)

  • All of the components of Stage I with continued weight loss while also transitioning over the 4 week blocks to a more independent and long term approach to weight management
  • You will continue to be monitored weekly with the same support
  • Total cost per Stage including all of the above: $500 - that is $125/ week which will include shakes, supplements, weekly B12 shot, weekly follow up with progress review, strict dietary guidance, and expected weight loss of 2-4 lbs/week which will vary depending on the individual and total weight loss goals
  • All products and diet choices are medically and nutritionally sound
  • All 3 Stages are safe for those with high cholesterol, hypertension and/or diabetes
  • You can repeat any Stage if you prefer and are not obligated to complete all 3 Stages
  • To register directly or if you have any questions please call my office at 954-463-5271
  • Since I meet with each person individually, you can start any Wednesday by registering the week before. Just call Monday through Friday to start the following week. Full payment for each Stage will be required at time of registration
  • Weekly visits will always be on Wednesdays between the hours of 4pm to 7pm with scheduled but flexible appointment times
  • Make the call today and take the first step to getting the healthier and slimmer body you want!
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