About the Practice

  • The office is located on East Broward Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale with ample parking in a central location ...more info >>
  • Dr. Zekser has office hours Monday through Friday and times may vary to accommodate the patient load
  • Punctuality or very short wait times are a priority for Dr. Zekser but occasionally an earlier patient might need an extra few minutes with the doctor
  • As a courtesy to his patients, Dr. Zekser provides blood draws for requested laboratory testing at no charge on Thursdays and Fridays from 8am to 12:30pm. The blood and/or urine specimens are then sent to the laboratory that the patient's insurance requires. Therefore patients may never need to step foot in a Quest or LabCorp facility for tests that Dr. Zekser has ordered
  • Generally blood draws are done the week before an appointment with Dr. Zekser so that he can review them in detail with the patients and provide copies if requested
  • The office utilizes electronic medical records and so paper prescriptions are no longer issued or necessary, except for controlled substances. New prescriptions and refills are sent electronically to either local pharmacies or mail order facilities...whichever is the most convenient for the patient
  • Patients are almost always seen within 24 hours by Dr. Zekser for sick visits. A call to the office in the morning usually gets an appointment the same day. An afternoon call might be the following day and of course Fridays would be an exception
  • All patients are seen and managed exclusively by Dr. Zekser, and not a Nurse Practitioner or Physician's Assistant
  • Patients can be admitted to any hospital but Dr. Zekser works directly with the hospitalist group at Holy Cross Hospital who admit most of his patients and maintain close contact to offer the best and most efficient in-patient care. Hospital records are then accessed directly after discharge to become part of a patient's medical record and to facilitate a smooth and organized follow up
  • Dr. Zekser focuses on patient participation in their healthcare. At each visit, you can expect him to explain your diagnosis, review the plan and medications, and treat your condition in the most effective and organized manner possible
    As a brief example, John Doe is feeling sick and calls the office on a Tuesday morning at 9am. He is given an appointment for 3:00 that same day. He is seen by Dr. Zekser at 3:10 and is prescribed antibiotics for his condition after being examined. Dr. Zekser discusses the plan of care with Mr. Doe and sends the prescription to the pharmacy closest to his house before Mr. Doe has even left the exam room. By the time Mr. Doe gets to the pharmacy, his antibiotic is ready for him to pick up and he goes home to start his medication and to make himself some chicken soup
  • Referrals are truly appreciated and while many patients of Dr. Zekser may have been referred by family, friends, neighbors, or coworkers, your privacy and the confidential nature of your healthcare is always maintained and respected
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