What is Good Monster™?

The Good Monster™ is a concept that is relevant to weight loss and imperative to maintaining that loss. It refers to choices that we make on a daily basis about how, what and when to eat. While diets are about just losing weight, the Good Monster™ is about losing weight and keeping it off. While diets represent temporary changes to a person's eating habits, the Good Monster™ takes the long term approach. While diets are are about being told what and when to eat, the Good Monster™ is about learning to make more informed choices yourself.

The Good Monster™ means finding the best option available at any given time. Perfection is not necessary or plausible. You must be able to navigate the course of food choices and absorb the good with the bad. The Good Monster™ simply means picking the best of the bad and then moving forward.

We are forced to make choices every day in regard to our businesses, social contacts, career, family, and finances. Application of those same principles to our dietary habits is what I believe is lacking and what I seek to foster in my patients and clients.

So as you can see, the Good Monster™ is a friendly and helpful creature, which is why I created that name and concept to represent my professional approach to weight loss.

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