April 2015 - Brief Hold On Weight Loss Program

Although I am holding off on restarting any new sessions of my weight loss program, I continue to incorporate diet and exercise as integral parts of your medical management.  I think most if not all of my patients can attest that discussions about diet and exercise are part of almost every visit.  The reason I have been holding off for now is simply a time constraint since my medical practice has been so busy and I am struggling to make sure that I keep up with all of your medical needs including seeing patients in a timely manner, getting your refills done promptly, ordering and reviewing your labs, etc.  I will be sending out my annual letter to you all later this year as has become a ritual of sorts.  Let me just take a moment to reiterate that I value every single patient that is under my care.  I will continue to work hard to keep you all as healthy and happy as long as possible.  

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