May 27, 2014 - To Avoid Becoming A Diabetic Start Eating Like One

Medical diagnoses have expanded to include people at risk for developing diabetes as well as those who are already established diabetics. There are many ways that doctors refer to this state such as; prediabetes, glucose intolerance, impaired fasting glucose, to name a few. They all basically indicate the possibility of crossing over that line into full blown diabetes. That certainly does not mean a person needs insulin right away, but oral medication is usually started and the risk for diabetes associated health issues increases. So the advice I would give to those people who have been advised that diabetes may be in their future is to beat your doctor to the punch. Start eating as if you were already diabetic and those changes may actually help you avoid getting it. Cut way back on the starches such as bread, pasta, rice and potatoes. That includes brown rice, whole wheat or whole grain bread and whole wheat pasta. They all still have carbs. Cut out any beverages with sugar such as regular soda and juices. Switch instead to lower calorie beverages and have a piece of fruit instead of the juice. Try to lose some weight by limiting your overall daily caloric intake. Remember that cutting out one regular soda a day means cutting about 1000 calories a week. That is 52,000 calories a year! Feel free to ask me more specific questions about your diet at your next office visit.

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