March17, 2014 - So You Want To Live Longer?

So You Want To Live Longer?...Well we probably all do with the concept that we would be living a healthy life up to the end.  People have health concerns and life concerns which sometimes seem to be intertwined with life threatening illness, and less with general health concerns.  Look to the key components of a healthy life and you may live to a healthier end.  First of all, improve your eating habits.  Your weight is a reflection of how and what you eat.  Make certain that fruits, vegetables, and clean proteins make up your diet and not fast food, fats and heavy starches that taste good going in but don't look so good once they are there.  Exercise and stop excusing yourself from using your body and make your muscles feel loved.  Your body needs physical activity just as your mind needs mental activity.  You don't need to go to a gym.  Do stretching, push ups, walking, anything to stay active and create some physical stress to push yourself a little.  Get your sleep.  It is not just quantity but quality  as well.  Try for 6-8 hours a night and stay on a fairly regular schedule so your body does not get surprises every weekend and Monday morning.  Finally, let go of your stress.  Allow yourself to relax when you need that time and don't let fear and anxiety flavor all of your daily activities.  Try to meditate for a few minutes, do a stretching or light exercise routine, or have a glass of wine or a cocktail to clear away negative thoughts.  Think about trying to incorporate some of these concepts into your life today to build a healthier future for yourself.  

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