February 24, 2014 - Know Your Insurance

Know Your Insurance...Health insurers are pretty savvy businessmen.  Probably more than you and me combined.  They are often playing both sides of the coin. By expressing seemingly genuine concern about your health via television commercials, mailings, phone calls and even home visits, they often are able to conceal the more direct reason they are in business...to make money.  Just like banks, oil companies, retail chains, and restaurants, insurance companies are out to make a profit.  There is no harm in that idea and it is the basis for the amazing capitalist system that makes the United States great.  But keep in mind that insurance companies make more money when they don't spend yours.  They collect monthly dues and try to avoid spending it on your medication, tests, surgeries and doctor visits.  Keep in mind that they often pass the blame for bills you might receive on your doctors, claiming there were "coding errors" or medications prescribed that could be replaced by cheaper alternatives.  We can all contribute to lowering the cost of healthcare, but remember the concept of 'buyer beware' and if you are starting to get more bills to cover the very same tests and medications you have been getting for years, look beyond your doctor's prescription pad to where your money is really going.  

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