January 27, 2014 - Eat A Bigger Lunch To Lose Weight

Eat A Bigger Lunch To Lose Weight...Many people are well behaved in their dietary habits from 9 - 5, but that second shift is too tempting not to consume all of the food you either resisted or didn't have enough time to eat during the day.  So a typical 2000 calorie day might mean 1200 of those calories are consumed in the secret shame and solace of one's couch, or standing  next to the cupboard (for those with commitment issues).  Either way try to eat more of those calories earlier in the day.  Have a bowl of pasta for lunch instead of a larger heaping of it for dinner.  Make dinner less important by avoiding the hunger the often precedes it.  That way you can utilize and hopefully burn those calories with your activities of daily living instead of sleeping with them at night.  So if you still want some nice family time at dinner, you can all eat a smaller meal and talk about what you ate for lunch.  

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