January 6, 2014 - The Mind Body Experience

The Mind Body Experience...A vast number of people have been dealing with depression and anxiety over the last few months.  Mixed in with the joy and social peaks of the season, come the thoughts about those who are no longer there to share them with us and our own shortcomings on our 'to do' and 'to be' list.  I have a theory that when people are depressed or anxious, that they actually do things subconsciously to make their bodies feel as bad and low as their emotional state.  There is a disconnect between the mind feeling terrible but looking in the mirror at a healthy face.  So when the mind is overwhelmed with negativity, it seeks to create the creature that best represents it.  People overeat, stop exercising, don't sleep enough on purpose, and miss doses of their medications.   Stop and recognize the signs if you are waging that private battle.  Reach out to someone and share your thoughts.  You would be amazed at how many people might share the same ones and that your dark place is brighter than you think when others are there to light the way.  

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