December 30, 2013 - Take Back Your Health

Take Back Your Health...We are all terribly concerned about the parts of our healthcare that seem to be out of our control.  The cost of health insurance, changes to the system, coverage for drugs, studies and office visits, the need to take medications and both the long and short term effects of them, our doctors being competent and caring, and so on and so forth.  Let us instead refocus at least part of our attention on the aspects of our healthcare that is and will always be within our own control.  What have you eaten today? How often do you exercise? How much sleep are you getting a night?  We can minimize our need for all of the parts of healthcare that are controlled by others by maximizing our recognition and adherence to the parts that we can control.  Make it your business to eat food that meets your nutritional requirements and not just what looks and smells good.  Start some form of exercise that stresses your body in a constructive way by building some muscle mass and getting your heart rate up.  Try to stay on a regular sleep schedule even if you can't get a full 7-8 hours a night.  Treat your body for what it is, which is the only one you will ever have.  You don't have to be perfect but you do have to be better.  Think about the idea that some people spend more time, energy and money on the maintenance and upkeep of their cars than on their own bodies. Start eating healthier and exercising and you will be truly amazed at the results.  Check out my Weekly Health Tips page for some pointers and think about my Weight Loss Program if that fits in with your weight loss goals.  I wish everyone a very healthy and happy 2014!  You can expect my annual news letter early next year.   

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