December 2, 2013 - You Are Not Just A Number

You Are Not Just A Number...I hear all the time in my practice about peoples' expectations for themselves based on their age.  I urge you to avoid classifying yourself and your symptoms based on how you think a person that old should feel, look, act, exercise, etc.  I urge you to avoid thinking that pain is expected at a certain age, that there is some unstoppable decline in your functioning that can't be altered or tempered, or that poor health has to be a part of your third act.  We all accept the path of birth to death and the changes that occur between the two bookends of life, but I urge you to act how you feel and not to make your age its own diagnosis.  Push yourself physically and mentally in ways that respect your age but don't fear it.  We were all once younger and hope to age gracefully, but think of what it meant to be 65 years old, 65 years ago and what it might be like in another 65 years.  It might really be the new 40.  

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