November 18, 2013 - Drop A Few Pounds While Everyone Else Is Gaining Them

Drop A Few Pounds While Everyone Else Is Gaining Them...If you want to drop some weight during this challenging time of the year when all of your food indulgences always seem to be just an arm's reach away, focus on the starches/carbs and focus on the hours between 6pm and your bedtime.  Many people behave quite well during the day, eating a sensible breakfast and lunch before going hog wild from dinner until they pass out at night.  So start by eating a bigger but healthier breakfast and lunch so that you are not starving when you get home.  Then keep dinner as a lean protein like chicken, turkey, fish, lean cuts of beef and add some vegetables.  That is all.  Leave the pasta, rice, bread and potatoes for your earlier meals or not at all.  You will not be losing any nutritional benefits by omitting them and you can likely drop 5 - 10 pounds over the next 2 months, even if your total calories for the day remain around the same.  Remember that includes not snacking at night.  Give it a try over the next 6 weeks and see if New Year's finds you a few pounds lighter.  

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