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Tame The Holiday Food Beast...This is that magical time of the year from Halloween to New Year's Eve when parties, cocktails, chocolates, and big meals take over.  The discussions between friends and family often center on gatherings, eating, and who is cooking what.  Now is a great time to just tweak that planning a little to maintain the social elements of the season and avoid the usual dreaded weight gain and tighter fitting holiday clothes.  Planning dinners should include fresh fruits and vegetables instead of heavier starches as hors d'oeuvres and starters, go light on the sauces and chose leaner cuts of meat to prepare.  Try not to prepare so many dishes and make your guests feel pressured to overeat.  Try adding less salt to seasonings to help out those guests with high blood pressure and other heart issues.  I am not trying to be Martha Stewart here, but just being a little more vigilant about what you consume could be the difference between starting the year feeling great at a healthy weight or with ten pounds that turn your flat parts round!

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