September 2, 2013 - Getting Down To The Bones Of It

Getting Down To The Bones Of It...Both men and women run the risk of getting osteoporosis as they age.  Women generally start earlier than men but at 75 years old, men start to catch up.  Osteoporosis is basically thinning and deterioration of your bones, which makes it more likely that a fall will result in a broken bone instead of just a bruise to the body and the ego.  You can be tested for it with a simple bone density test, which is similar to a regular x-ray.  You can help to avoid or delay it with weight bearing exercise (which excludes swimming, an amazingly healthy endeavor in every other regard), getting enough calcium and vitamin D, and not smoking cigarettes.  Interestingly one of the only, if not the only, perk of obesity is that a person is doing weight bearing exercise all of the time so they may be less likely to develop osteoporosis.  But don't get too excited, the bones may benefit from obesity in that respect, but the joints certainly don't seem to like it very much.  Sorry guys! :)

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