August 26, 2013 - Think Of Food Like Money

Think Of Food Like Money...When you start your day you may be aware of how much money you have to spend that day and what you will need to spend it on.  Pick up dry cleaning, buy lunch, etc.  So now apply that same thinking and math to your food.  If you have 1800 calories to use in a day, think of what you will be eating.  Estimating a big lunch of about 1000 calories might leave you with 400 for breakfast and 400 for dinner without any snacks or caloric beverages.  You can use that general rule for your salt intake as well.  If your goal is 2000 mg/day, well 1 cup of soup might use up half of that, so be very careful about the other things you eat that day.  Just like you may have to wait a day to spend additional money, you might want to save an additional salty item for the next day or skip the soda or juice so you can have an apple and a cookie as snacks instead.  Balance your diet like you balance your checkbook, and try to avoid those overdraft fees on both!

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