August 19, 2013 - Don't Expect A Salad To Fall Out Of The Sky

Don't Expect A Salad To Fall Out Of The Sky...Start to plan ahead better for busy times at work and at home.  We often make it too easy to eat unhealthy food by falling back on the excuse that we were too busy to go and get a healthier choice or that none were readily available.  Well many of those times you might have already known that you would be busy and that a time crunch was expected.  So really, don't expect a salad to fall into your lap when you are hungry.  Take 10 minutes the night before to make yourself a salad, a healthier sandwich, or even grab a piece of fruit and a greek yogurt or protein bar on your way out the door in the morning.  Eliminate the excuses for eating badly and you will start increasing your healthy meals and decreasing your weight and waistline.  

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