August 12, 2013 - Try Not Cleaning Your Plate

Try Not Cleaning Your Plate...Many of us have grown up with the idea that leaving any food on your plate after a meal is wasteful and somehow taking food out of the mouths of hungry African children.  The idea is that somehow overstuffing ourselves will solve world hunger.  Since the logic in that is clearly flawed, think about not finishing your food all the time.  If you are full, simply stop eating.  Whether the food goes in the garbage or in your stomach it will be wasted.  So better to let your garbage pail gain the weight.  If you are out in a restaurant and the portions are obviously more than you want or need, put some of it on the side to take home before you even start eating. When we all seek and consume less food, then world hunger may be affected positively by a more even distribution of resources.  So listen to your body when it is telling you to stop eating.  There is definitely logic in that. 

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