May 20, 2013 - Choosing The Right Diet Might Be Not Choosing A Diet At All

Choosing The Right Diet Might Not Be Choosing A Diet At All...I am a big proponent of people changing the way they eat in more permanent and often less jarring ways.  The idea of a diet is a temporary fix.  I support the concept that it is better to pick a few things in your current diet that you would like to change and slowly implement those changes over the course of six to twelve months.  That will allow you to buy some permanent weight loss instead of renting it out from a diet for a few months.  As an example for those cheese lovers, try reducing cheese consumption to just one meal a day.  You may spare yourself thousands of calories, milligrams of sodium, and grams of fat and cholesterol.  You could also drink one less beer a day, eat two less cookies a day, etc.  This may not constitute being on a diet, but for my money taking 2-3 years to lose your weight and keep it off is a far better outcome than losing it in 2-3 months and then gaining it back within 2-3 years.  Try working on decreasing the frequency and quantity of certain foods rather than eliminating them altogether.  It is sometimes easier to say, see you soon, than good-bye.  

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